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What is ZAP Premiere?

ZAP Premiere is a professional beauty clinic, which provides premium solutions by pioneering the use of the world's best technology to answer almost all skin problems and meet client expectations performed by a team of experienced medical personnel that prioritize excellent service, comfort and safety in providing the best beauty experience possible.

What is the operational hours of ZAP Premiere?

We are open from Monday to Saturday, from 10.00 AM to 08.00 PM. On Sunday or Public Holiday, we are open from 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM.

What treatments are available at ZAP Premiere?

Every type of solutive treatment you need based on your skin condition and expected result are available at ZAP Premiere. Our treatments provide a wide range of solution consists of a series of regular premium treatment and the advanced and specific solutions that required to be handled by a Specialist or Dermatologist.

What is the difference between ZAP Clinic and ZAP Premiere?

ZAP Premiere prioritizes achieving all your expectations through a wide range of solutions, while ZAP Clinic offers laser-based treatments that are more routine to maintain skin health and treat general skin problems from mild to moderate scale at a more affordable price.

Will all treatments at ZAP Premiere be handled by Doctor SpKK?

Depending on the complaint and the type of treatment needed. Generally, Doctor SpKK only handles complaints that are classified as severe skin problems, while for routine care will be assisted by Aesthetic Doctors (Dermatologist).

What kind of skin problems can be handled by Doctor SpKK at ZAP Premiere?

Every type of skin needs and problems that require the specific supervision of a Specialist and need to be treated with special and extra treatment.

Do I have to use a doctor's cream from ZAP Premiere?

Not necessarily. When consulting you should inform our doctor at ZAP Premiere what kind of cream that you are currently using from other doctor or beauty clinics. Our doctor will advise you to stop using other creams if needed.

If I have not registered as a client at ZAP Premiere, do I have to consult before getting a treatment at ZAP Premiere?

Consultation is the most important thing at ZAP Premiere allowing your treatment and treatment history to be well-recorded by our doctor for a more appropriate and safer solution.

How much does it cost to pay for treatment at ZAP Premiere?

ZAP Premiere has a standard treatment price starting from IDR 299,000 according to the needs and the actions needed by the client, along with the advice given by our doctor, which of course must be firstly approved by the client depending on the solutions needed.

How many times do I have to visit ZAP Premiere for treatment in order for me to get maximum results?

The amount of treatment needed for every client is different depending on the condition of the skin. Therefore, a consultation is highly recommended prior to treatment so that our doctor can firsty check the condition of your face and skin.

How can I book treatments at ZAP Premiere?

You can contact our Client Care at 1500 310, or via WhatsApp 08111031082. For booking treatment, a deposit is required. ZAP Premiere prioritizes reservations, so it's highly recommended for you to check the availability first before coming to our outlets.

What is the maximum number of treatments for Laser Vaginal Tightening?

Vaginal Tighetning Treatment can be done routinely once a month for the first 3 months, then for maintenance you can do it every 4 - 6 months, according to our Dermatologist's recommendation.

Is there any treatments available at ZAP Premiere to remove eye bags?

Yes, treatments for removing eye bags at ZAP Premiere are Long Pulse NdYag or Erbium Yag, depending on the advice from our Dermatologist.

Will tattoo removal treatment leave any scar on my skin?

No, tattoos can disappear completely without leaving any scar depending on the state of the tattoo and how your skin responds to the treatment.

How many treatment is needed to get rid of milia or moles, will it leave a mark?

Milia or moles can be treated with Electrocauter treatment, but it also needs to be adjusted according to the size of the milia and the mole you have. This treatment will not leave any scar, as long as you follow the recommended post-treatment procedure given by our doctor.

What is the best treatment to get rid of smallpox scars and insect bites?

If the scar is in the form of black spots, it can be helped with a QS NdYag Laser treatment, but you should consult with our Dermatologist first to see the condition of your scars.

Is there any treatment to get rid of underarm odor?

Body odor arises due to excessive production of sweat glands, this can be reduced by botox injection treatment in the underarm area, in addition you also still need to pay attention to your body's cleanliness.

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